St. George Lane Fox-Pitt

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St. George Lane Fox-Pitt
Born 14 September 1856(1856-09-14)
Died 6 April 1932 (75)
Spouse(s) Lady Edith Gertrude Douglas (m. 1899)
Parents Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers and Alice Margaret Stanley

St. George Lane Fox (September 14, 1856 - April 6, 1932), also known as St. George Lane Fox-Pitt (from 1880), was a British electrical experimenter who had notably worked at the problem of electric incandescent lighting in parallel with the efforts of Thomas Edison, the latter famously being the one to ultimately achieve success. Fox-Pitt was also interested in parapsychology, being an early member of the Society for Psychical Research, as well as such allied subjects as Theosophy, being likewise a member of the Theosophical Society.