Spiritual Science

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Spiritual Science is a Christian Spiritualist tendency that traces its origins to Julia O. Forrest, a medium and minister associated with the Church of Divine Inspiration of America, who founded the New York-based Spiritual Science Institute, Inc. in late 1923.

Practitioners have considered Spiritual Science as distinct from Spiritualism, arguing "that spiritualists profess to communicate with the departed, receiving messages from the Spirit World and obtaining material manifestations thereof, while Spiritual Scientists profess communion with the Spirit World by inspiration and [prayer] without any material manifestations of the receipt of messages."[1]


  1. Quoted as a 24 May 1935 decision of Isidor Wasservogel (1875-1962) of the Supreme Court of New York by C. H. Pierce of the Mother Church in a letter to the editor published in the Asbury Park Press newspaper, 19 Aug. 1935, p. 8,