Spiritual Science Institute, Inc.

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Spiritual Science Institute, Inc.
Formation 6 Dec. 1923
Type Domestic non-profit
Headquarters New York
Not be confused with other Spiritual Science Institutes.

Spiritual Science Institute, Inc. is a New York-based corporation, founded in 1923 by Julia O. Forrest.

Press Coverage

Incorporation (1923)

  • "Institute to Interpret Living Principle in Man", Virginia-Pilot and Norfolk Landmark (Norfolk, VA): 8, 5 Dec. 1923,, "New York, Dec. 4. — The Spiritual Science, Inc., was today granted permission by Supreme Court Justice Platzek to apply for a charter of incorporation. Organizers of the institute told the court they purposed to promote systematic examination of the laws of being as they affect the spiritual man; interpret psychic phenomena; investigate claims of mediumship and other super-normal capacities, and assist its members in the orderly development of their spiritual qualities." 

Messages (1924)

Radio Choral Concert (1930)

Churches (1934)

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