Space Age Club of Chicago

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Space Age Club of Chicago
Formation 1959
Dissolution ?
Purpose/focus Flying Saucer discussion
Headquarters Chicago, Ill.[i]
President Raymond Hudd
Key people Joe Ponciano (radio engineer who built a telaug)

The Space Age Club of Chicago was an Illinois-based group, incorporated in 1959 by Raymond Hudd and others for the purpose of hosting lectures and discussions on the subject of ufology, and particularly the accounts of contactees, including the likes of George Adamski, George King, and Dana Howard, as well as psychic research and other areas of similar interest.


  1. Per the Chicago History Museum's collection of Raymond Hudd photographs and papers, the Space Age Club first held meetings at Hudd's millinery (women's hats) studio, before later setting up shop at 635 North State St.