Society of the Eureka Platform

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Society of the Eureka Platform
Founder F. A. Unus

The Society of the Eureka Platform was an American secret society, according to S. C. Gould, organised around the principles of The Infallible Guide for Honest People by F. A. Unus.[1] Whether it was actually an organised body with members is unclear.



  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (April 1905), Society of the Eureka Platform, "Arcane Societies in the United States", Historic Magazine and Notes and Queries 23 (4): 95,;view=1up;seq=113, retrieved 2016-10-16, "We cannot even locate this society, as no "habitation and a name" appears on its first publication, "The Infallible Guide for Honest People." Its preface is signed "F. A. Unus, H.L." He says: "Persons who wish to do well, and are willing to contribute their mite towards liberating the Human Race from theological, political, and social slavery, may find a base of operation in the following brief." This society is indeed secret."