Silver Knights of America

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Silver Knights of America
Formation 19 June 1895
Dissolution c. 1896
Purpose/focus Free silver (bimetallism)
Headquarters 142 New York Ave., Washington, D.C.[1]
President William M. Stewart
Main organ Silver Knight

The Silver Knights of America was a short-lived Washington, D.C.-based organisation, founded in mid-1895 and reported as defunct by the end of 1896, that campaigned on the issue of free silver, promoting bimetallism as the monetary policy of the United States of America, specifically "to secure in a legal way the free coinage of silver in the United States and to make silver a legal tender for all debts and to collect and spend money for that purpose."[2]


Local groups of knights were organised through the Supreme Temple of the Silver Knights of America, a Virginian chartered stock company formed on 19 June 1895 at Alexandria with $100,000 in capital stock at $100 a share. The executives of the company included: William Morris Stewart, then Senator from Nevada, Supreme President and editor of the Silver Knight; James L. Pait, Vice-President; Oliver Corwin Sabin, Bishop of the Evangelical Christian Science Church, Secretary and associate editor of the Silver Knight; James A. B. Richard, Treasurer; Samuel S. Yoder, former Congressman from Ohio, Director General; and M. B. Herlow, the company's legal agent.[3]