Royal Adept Mystics

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Royal Adept Mystics
Motto "Obey Truth."
Formation 1 July 1898
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Executive Willis F. Whitehead
Main organ Free Light

The Royal Adept Mystics (Royal Adepts of Mysticism, R.A.M.), Order of the Infinite, was an arcane society, organised by Willis F. Whitehead at Chicago, Illinois in 1898, ostensibly in order to promote occult wisdom — such as that received from the Astral Brotherhood of Magic — among selected initiates.[1]


  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (December 1905), "Our Regular Exchanges: FREE LIGHT.", Historic Magazine and Notes and Queries 23 (12): v,;view=1up;seq=303, "FREE LIGHT. "Vega" * "Obey Truth." "Venus" * Edited and issued by Willis F. Whitehead, 328 Warren Avenue, Chicago, Vol. I, No. 2, for October, 1904. Published to give Free Light to All. Obey Truth is the motto of "Royal Adept Mystics or Order of the Infinite," instituted in Chicago, July 1, 1898. Its members are selected, instead of elected. They are "Brothers of the Word." "Aries Constellation No. 1," of the R.A.M., has jurisdiction over American territory. While it is free to all, if you desire copies send postage at one cent for each. It is forced on no one. Any contributions thankfully received. "Work, Work, WORK" are the three keys to make yourself a true son of the Infinite and Eternal Eye."