Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer (1955 book)

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Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer
Author Cecil Michael
Publisher Vantage Press
Location New York
Pub. date 1955
Language English

Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer is an autobiographical book by Cecil Michael, an American contactee, in which he describes a 1952 trance journey to Hell, an extraterrestrial planet, as guided by two space people, his encounter with Satan, and his return to the Earth through the grace of Jesus Christ. The first edition was printed in 1955 by Vantage Press (New York), and reprinted in 1971 by Roofhopper Enterprises (Auckland, New Zealand).


  • Michael, Cecil (1955), Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer, New York: Vantage Press 
  • Michael, Cecil (1971), Round Trip to Hell in a Flying Saucer, Auckland: Roofhopper Enterprises 


"I rise before God and man to swear that this story I have written ... is a true account ... of the flying saucers of today and the supreme supernatural."

Michael's story begins with his observance of a flying saucer with two pilots hovering in the sky near Bakersfield, Kern County, California during 22 August 1952; this sighting results, according to Michael, in his being "tagged" for the later encounters he relates. Two months after the August sighting, during the morning of 14 October (around 09:30AM Pacific Time), two athletic, smooth-shaven men with medium-dark complexions dressed in old-fashioned clothing appeared in Michael's auto repair shop and communicated with him via mental telepathy, marking the initiation of a period of several months of such encounters, each meeting ending with the men vanishing at the appearance of any other potential witnesses. These ongoing meetings with the two men culminate in a psychic abduction when Michael is put into a hypnotic trance, and, astrally, brought aboard a saucer that transports him to an extraterrestrial planet, red-orange in colour and with high surface temperature, ~100°F (38°C), the titular Hell. There the author witnesses the remains of the dead being flung to the fiery body, where they are resurrected and made to suffer in agony, and is brought into an audience with the Devil, whom he rebukes upon seeing a vision of Christ, after which he is returned to the Earth. As an epilogue, the two men encourage Michael to write and publish a report of his visitation before disappearing for the final time.