Robertson's Seven Sacred Oils

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Robertson's Seven Sacred Oils
a.k.a. "Elixir of Life"
Medical Claims When properly applied in a special order, the oils will cure diseases of the liver, and remove gall stones without need of surgical intervention.
Creator(s) Orrin Robertson
Vendors Anthropological Sanitarium Company

Robertson's Seven Sacred Oils was a patent medicine offered by Orrin Robertson through his Anthropological and Vita-O-Pathic sanitaria in the early decades of the 20th century.

Composition by Seven

According to Robertson, each oil was a preparation made from one of seven plants (grown in a climate distinct from the plants used in the other oils), one of seven minerals, one of seven mental substances, and one of seven psychic substances. Each of the sacred oils were for one specific part of the body - one for the head and throat, one for the esophagus, one for the stomach, one for the rectum, and so on - and were to be applied in a specific sequence, one every seven minutes, to gain the full curative measure.[1]

The true composition of the oils are unknown to us at this time, though it may be worthwhile to consider a basis for Robertson's oils may have been the Seven Sacred Oils of Pharaonic Egypt.


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