Robert G. J. Sandifer

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Robert G. J. Sandifer (b. c. 1860 - July 3, 1915) was an American shoemaker, resident at Hannibal, Missouri, who, it was reported in 1898, claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine that ran "without the aid of steam, water, springs or any mechanical power save its own momentum." The Sandifer machine was loosely described in the press as consisting of three pieces, but the design scheme was to be jealously guarded until such time as it received patent protection; however, no patent was ever granted to Sandifer for such a machine, nor was any follow-up made in the newspapers on its further development.

As far as patents are concerned, Sandifer received one (U.S. No. 761,612) on a car fender in 1904, his first and only. In the press sphere, both Sandifer and his wife offered written endorsements for Doan's Kidney Pills in advertisements, the latter's in Missouri,[1] the former's in California,[2] where Sandifer lived at Sanger in Fresno Co. for three years prior to his passing from a liver complaint.

Press Coverage


  1. "Pains That Tell of Kidney Trouble", St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, MO): 4, 30 Nov. 1908,, "Mrs. Robert Sandifer, 120 Reservoir street, Hannibal, Mo., says: 'I have found more relief from Doan's Kidney Pills than from any other remedy I have ever taken for my back and kidneys. I had dull, nagging backaches, accompanied by distressing pains in my kidneys. When I learned of Doan's Kidney Pills, I procured them, and two boxes benefited me in every way. Other members of my family have taken this remedy with the same good results.'" 
  2. "THE ONLY WAY - Many Fresno Citizens Have Discovered It.", Fresno Morning Republican (Fresno, CA): 2, 18 Mar. 1912,, "Robert Sandifer, Sanger, Cal., says: 'About six years ago I was suffering from kidney trouble and lumbago, and, hearing Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommended, I began their use. I was promptly relieved and at that time I publicly recommended this remedy. I consider Doan's Kidney Pills worthy of the strongest endorsement I can give them.'"