Robert Charroux

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Robert Charroux
Born Robert Joseph Grugeau
7 April 1909(1909-04-07)
Payroux, Vienne, French Third Republic
Died 24 June 1978 (69)
Charroux, Vienne, French Fifth Republic
Pen name Saint-Saviol, Robert Charroux
Occupation(s) Writer
Alma mater Collège de Civray
Affiliations Club International des Chercheurs de Trésors
Known for Ancient Astronaut books

Robert Joseph Grugeau (April 7, 1909 - June 24, 1978), more commonly known by his authorial pseudonym Robert Charroux, was a French freelance journalist and writer, noted in particular for his work relating to ancient astronauts hypotheses, as well as his interest in treasure hunting and amateur archaeology.

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