Rex I. McCreery

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Rex I. McCreery
Born 31 January 1881(1881-01-31)
Lancaster, Grant Co., Wisconsin
Died 16 December 1960 (79)
Los Angeles Co., California
Religion Methodist Episcopal Church
Affiliations Knights of Pythias; Modern Woodmen of America; First Unit of Cooperative Technocratic Society of California;[1] Rosicrucian Fellowship
Spouse(s) Mary Maud Leonard (m. 1902; dv. ?)[2]

Rex Irving McCreery (January 31, 1881 - December 16, 1960) was an American attorney associated with Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Fellowship. In 1933, McCreery was one of three named partners, along with G. Warren Shufelt and Ray Martin, who launched a short-lived mining operation at Fort Moore Hill in Los Angeles, searching for buried gold and lost tunnels based on an "ancient sheepskin map" and Shufelt's "radio x-ray" device.

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