Max Heindel

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Max Heindel
Born Carl Louis Frederik Grashoff
23 July 1865(1865-07-23)
Aarhus (Århus), Denmark
Died 6 January 1919 (53)
Oceanside, California
Spouse(s) Augusta Foss Heindel (m. 1910)

Max Heindel (July 23, 1865 - January 6, 1919), born Carl Louis von Grasshoff, was a Danish-born American occultist interested in astrology, Theosophy, and later Rosicrucianism, the latter inspiring his formation of the Rosicrucian Fellowship after he reported meeting with a spiritual Elder Brother of the Temple of the Rosy Cross.

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Heindel also founded and edited Rays from the Rose Cross, the Rosicrucian Fellowship's main organ, from 1913 through 1919.