R. F. Robertson

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R. F. Robertson
R. F. Robertson - photo, c. 1901.jpg

As seen in an advertisement for Columbia Scientific Academy, c. 1901

Born 31 December 1865(1865-12-31) [1]
Kincardine, Province of Canada
Died 20 October 1939 (73)
Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York
Alma mater American College of Sciences (C.D., Character Delineator)

Ross Frederick Robertson (December 31, 1865 - October 20, 1939) was a Canadian-born businessman, at the turn of the twentieth century being described as the Discoverer of the Ki-Magi System of Personal Magnetism, &c. and accredited as president of short-lived Columbia Scientific Academy, who turned his talents thereafter to stock trading and brokering alongside Charles Stoneham, becoming embroiled in subsequent scandals stemming from charges of fraud within Stoneham's enterprises.

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