Quid Mohegan

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Quid Mohegan
Born Date of birth unknown
Died Date of death unknown
Noted work(s) Mrs. J.H.R. Matteson's Psychic Clairvoyant Remedies

Quid Mohegan is the name of a spirit who Antonette Matteson was said to have channelled in her career as a trance diagnostician. He was reported to have revealed to Matteson the secrets of Indian herbal medicine, which she (and later her daughter, Nellie Whitcomb) sold as Psychic Clairvoyant Remedies.

Based on the name, one may infer that he was supposed to be a member of the Mohegan (Wolf People), which split from the Pequot under the leadership of Uncas, their sachem, during the 1600s, and were enduring allies of the English. The given name of Quid is reminiscent of Okee-Makee-Quid (O-kee-maa-kee-quid; or Ogimȃgigit, Gemagigitta), "The Chief That Speaks," a Chippewa/Ojibwe leader and subject of a lithograph in History of the Indian Tribes of North America (c. 1838),