Antonette Matteson

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Antonette Matteson
Born 12 July 1847(1847-07-12) [1]
Grand Duchy of Baden, German Confederation
Died 11 October 1913 (66) [2]
Buffalo, New York
Affiliations Women's Progressive Union (founder, president);[3] New York State Association of Spiritualists; First Spiritual Church of East Aurora [2]
Known for Mrs. J.H.R. Matteson's Psychic Clairvoyant Remedies
Spouse(s) Judah H. R. Matteson
Children Nellie Whitcomb McCrudden, Dr. Martha F. Caul, Mary Weatherall Shearon, George W. Matteson; Albert Thomas, Nettie E. White

Antonette Wealthy Matteson (July 12, 1847 - October 11, 1913) was a German-born American "Clairvoyant Doctor" and Spiritualist. As a "trance and healing medium," Matteson was reputed to have earned a fortune from her services as a trance diagnostician, and as a manufacturer of patent medicines, whose formulas she claimed to receive from her Indian spirit guide, Quid Mohegan.

Selected Bibliography

  • Matteson, Antonette (1894), The Occult Family Physician, and Botanic Guide to Health: Comprising a Description of Many American and Foreign Plants, and Their Medical Virtues; with the Cause, Cure, and Prevention of Disease: to which is Added, An Explanation of the Hidden Forces in Nature; with a Large Number of Valuable Receipts the Experience of Twenty Years Practice, Buffalo, NY: The Author 


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