Pyramid Cube University

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Pyramid Cube University
Formation c. 1896
Dissolution c. 1934
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois;
Alhambra, Calif.
President F. E. Ormsby
Key people George A. W. Kintz (original design architect); Henry C. Wilhelm (financier of the Alhambra location)

The Pyramid Cube University (or Pyramid and Cube University, Pyramid-Cube University of Solar and Personal Magnetism) was an American scholastic enterprise, conceived and founded by F. E. Ormsby in 1897, first headquartered in Chicago, and later near Los Angeles, where Ormsby & co. completed construction of a heavy modified variation on Kintz/Ormsby's original models at Alhambra in 1934 (following which Ormsby committed suicide after locking himself inside the pyramid building).[1]


Ormsby's Original Plan (1896)

Selected Publications

  • Ormsby, F. E. (1897), Pyramid and Cube University: Its Aims and Objectives: the Plan of a New Educational Institution, Chicago: F. E. Ormsby 
  • Ormsby, F. E. (1919), The Sage's Key to Character At Sight: Special Student's Course, Chicago: Pyramid-Cube University 
  • Ormsby, F. E., ed. (192?-1934), Planets and People: Ormsby’s Annual Prognosticator and Year Book of the Heavens, Pyramid & Cube University  — annual