F. E. Ormsby

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F. E. Ormsby
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Born Frank Earl Ormsby
10 February 1857(1857-02-10)
Oswego, New York
Died 25 September 1934 (77) [1][2]
Alhambra, California
Nationality American
Known for Pyramid Cube University
Spouse(s) Stella E. [Pane] (m. )

Frank Earl Ormsby (February 1857 - September 25, 1934) was an American astrologer, author, and publisher, founder of the Pyramid Cube University, creator of a novel thirteen-month calendar,[3] and manufacturer of Laxacura, the "Absolute Regulator of the Alimentary Canal," a vegetarian health food.

Selected Bibliography

  • Ormsby, Frank Earl (1893), The Law and the Prophets: a Scientific Work On the Relationship Between Physical Bodies, Vegetable, Animal, Human, And Planetary, Chicago: A.L. Fyfe 
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  • Ormsby, F. E. (1919), The Sage's Key to Character At Sight: Special Student's Course, Chicago: Pyramid-Cube University 

Magazines and Annuals

  • Ormsby, F. E., ed. (1895-189?), Planets and People (Chicago)  — monthly
  • Ormsby, F. E., ed. (1897), Ormsby's Geo-Helio Emphemeris, Almanac, Business and Weather Guide  — annual
  • Ormsby, F. E., ed. (1900-1934), Planets and People: Ormsby’s Annual Prognosticator and Year Book of the Heavens  — annual


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