Psychic Dimensions (Charlton Pub. series)

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Psychic Dimensions
Editor Tony Tallarico
Publisher Charlton Publications
Country United States
Language English

Psychic Dimensions is a six-issue English-language periodical that was published from 1973 through 1974 by Charlton Publications of Derby, Connecticut. The magazine was devoted to all manner of psychical and occult phenomena as well as general ghostology, and featured articles by the likes of Dunninger.


Vol. No. Month Year Contents
1 1 May 1973
1 2 Jul. 1973 Questions From Readers; "HOUDINI'S Premonition"; "The DEMON DRUMMER of TEDWORTH"; "How To Go To A Medium"; "ANATOMY of a POLTERGEIST"; "The Mystery of ASTRAL PROJECTION"; "GRAPHOLOGY the Key to Your Character"; "Are You PSYCHIC"; "ESP of the month"; "The SEARCH for MODERN GHOSTS"; "LOUISE HUEBNER Official Witch of L.A."; "OCCULT Counseling"; Letters to the Editor; "I Need a Witch"; Column by William Danielle; Book Review
1 3 Sep. 1973
1 4 Nov. 1973
1 5 Jan. 1974
2 6 May 1974 Questions from Readers; "Sybil Leek, Dynamic Witch"; "The Meditation Boom!"; "Supernature Interview"; "Ages of the Horoscope (Part 2)"; "Tips on how to Erect a Solar Chart"; Book Review; "The True and Terrible Black Magic of Adolf Hitler"; ESPerience of the Month; Warlock's Mail Bag; "Flying Saucer Controversy"; "Dunniger's Master Methods of Hypnotism"


Another periodical with the same name appeared in 1979, published by the Psychic Foundation of Knowledge and distributed through Flynt Publications.