Peter Kolosimo

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Peter Kolosimo
Born Pier Domenico Colosimo
15 December 1922(1922-12-15)
Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Died 23 March 1984 (61)
Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Pen name Omega Jim
Occupation(s) Writer
Affiliations Association for Prehistoric Studies (ASP)
Known for Ancient Astronaut theory
Noted award(s) Premio Bancarella, 1969
Spouse(s) Caterina Kolosimo

Peter Kolosimo (born Pier Domenico Colosimo; December 15, 1922 - March 23, 1984) was an Italian writer and journalist, noted for his speculative work on extraterrestrial alien influence on ancient human civilisations, influential to the work of Erich von Däniken and others, as well as for his extensive partisan efforts on behalf of the Communist Party in Europe.

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