Pence's Hall (Terre Haute, Indiana)

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Pence's Hall, named for its owner, Allen Pence, was a three-storey brick building situated on the southwest corner of Second and Ohio streets in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, noted for being the headquarters of the The First Spiritual Society of Terre Haute, Indiana.


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    Converts to the faith were made, and the Spiritualists organized under the name of "The First Spiritual Society of Terre Haute, Indiana," May, 1867, and elected the following officers: T. A. Madison, president; Whitfield Smith, vice-president; Allen Pence, treasurer; James Hook, secretary. The society obtained thirty-six members. October, 1869, the society wishing to become legalized, reorganized. A constitution, rules and regulations were adopted and subscribed by fifty-six members. Pence's hall, located on the southwest corner of Second and Ohio streets, was completed and dedicated to Spiritualism, September, 1867.

    Dr. Allen Pence, in consideration of his desire to promote the principles of Spiritualism, donated the use of the hall and leased, free of charge, the same to the society, which lease is still in force. The rostrum in Pence's hall since the dedication (1867), has been filled by such speakers as T. R. Whipple, Susie M. Johnson, Mary J. Wilcoxson, Addie L. Ballon, Hon. Robert Dale Owen, Rev. J. M. Pebbles, P. B. Randolph, Rev. T. B. Taylor, and others of equal celebrity.

    Mrs. Anna M. Stewart gave her first seance at Pence's block, January 1, 1873. She was then, and remains at this writing, under the protection and control of a committee composed of Allen Pence, James Hook and Samuel Conner. Through the materializations claimed for the Stewart medium, Terre Haute has become noted throughout the civilized world as the center for mediums and the investigation of phenomenal Spiritualism.

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