Paul J. Leighton

From Kook Science

Selected Bibliography

  • Leighton, Paul J.; Gregory, James (1976), Delta Mind Dynamics, West Nyack, N.Y.: Parker Pub. Co. 

    Contents. What This Book Will Do For You; Power Checklist Of Delta Action Steps; 1. How The Miracle Of Delta Mind Dynamics Can Unlock Your Ultimate Psychic Power To Bring You Riches, Success, Health And Happiness Starting Right Now; 2. How Delta Mind Dynamics Can Bring New Friends, Popularity And An Exciting Social Life; 3. Delta Money Magic Chants To Bring In More Riches Than You May Spend In A Lifetime; 4. How Delta Mind Dynamics Can Help You Win At Games Of Chance, Profit From Real Estate Ventures And Beat The Stock Market; 5. How The Delta Money Magnet Can Attract Fame And Fortune; 6. How Delta-Phonic Mind Vibrations Can Help You Find Lost Or Stolen Objects Or Discover A Fortune In Buried Treasure; 7. How The Delta Pendulum Can Unlock Your Miraculous Talents, Predict The Future Or Reveal Any Secret; 8. How The Dynamic Secret Of Ultra-Energized Dream Power Can Turn Your Wildest Hopes Into Tangible Reality Overnight; 9. How The Delta Healing Ray Can Let You Enjoy Vibrant Health and Vitality, Gain Instant Relief From Pain Or Save The Lives Of Your Loved Ones; 10. Secrets Of Delta Mind Defense: How To Identify Swindlers, Phonies And Rivals In Seconds; Gain Relief From Evil Schemes, Blackmail And Psychic Attack; 11. How The Amazing Delta Power Aura Can Protect You Against Robbery, Rape, Assault And Other Violent Crime; 12. How You Can Attract Exciting Lovers And Soul Mates; Instantly Triple Your Sex Appeal With Delta Mind Dynamics; 13. How Delta Mind Dynamics Can Resotre [sic] A Happy Marriage, Bring Back An Unfaithful Lover — Silently Persuade A Stubborn Mate To Cooperate; 14. The Miracle Of Teledynamics: How To Communicate With Distant Friends And Loved Ones; Tune In On Rivals And Observe Their Actions Twenty-Four Hours A Day; 15. Your Lifetime Plan For Delta Mind Dynamics.