Pacific Lemurian Society

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Pacific Lemurian Society
Formation c. 1958
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters Salem, Oregon
- W. Gordon Allen
Main organ Space-Craft Digest

The Pacific Lemurian Society (named for the proposed lost continent Lemuria) was an Oregon-based saucerian organisation, founded by W. Gordon Allen with the stated purpose of the "accumulation and preservation of the lost knowledge of the 'Motherland of MU' from which descended our planet's present inhabitants through the rocky road from ancient Lemurian civilization, through flood and cataclysm, low savagery and finally to today's gadget-paced civilization living from the brink of one war to the brink of the next[,]"[1] and "to complete work on an observatory and astrophysical center,"[2] the Lemurian Astrophysical Center.

The society briefly published a quarterly magazine, Space-Craft Digest, beginning in early 1958 and concluding in 1959 after four issues. A closing editorial by Allen claims that the "'secret of the saucers'[...] is pretty well solved" by the final issue, justifying the suspension of the publication by asserting that the information in the issue is conclusive enough "for any member to go ahead and con­tinue his study of the 'mysteries' either from a philosophical standpoint or to build his own model of an electrical flight de­vice."[3]



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