Overlords of the U.F.O. (1976 documentary)

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Overlords of the U.F.O.
Directed by G. Brook Stanford
Written by W. Gordon Allen
Narrated by W. Gordon Allen
Scientific News; Tower Investments International Ltd.
Release date
5 November 1977
Country United States
Language English

(Produced and narrated by W. Gordon Allen.) "This scientific documentary brings into perspective the greatest mystery of our time — the UFO. Mysterious happenings have been occurring all through recorded history, but have greatly accelerated in the last 50 years: Our fastest jets are paced and passed by these enigmatic craft; They have been sighted and photographed by over 25 astronauts; Satellites have mysteriously disappeared from orbit; Bizarre mutilations of livestock have puzzled researchers; A pond is found frozen during warm weather after a UFO is sighted over it; Abductions and examinations of ordinary people going about their business have taken place. All authoritative sources in academia and science are silent. The government is closemouthed. Airline pilot's jobs are threatened if they publicly report what they have seen. From what world or etheric dimension do these enigmatic craft emerge? What new forms of knowledge do they portend? What realities lie beyond our present human knowledge? Who are the Overlords of the UFO? This movie, first released in 1976, is still excitingly important today as it contains many keys to the mystery."