Overlords of the U.F.O. (1976 documentary)

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"Overlords of the U.F.O." (
Overlords of the U.F.O.
Directed by W. Gordon Allen
Produced by G. Brook Stanford
Written by W. Gordon Allen
Music by Richard Allen
Cinematography James J. Agostino
Edited by James J. Agostino
Tower Films; Scientific News; Tower Investments International Ltd.
Distributed by Key International Film Distributors
Release date
5 November 1977
Country United States
Language English

Directed and written by W. Gordon Allen. Per the copy: "This scientific documentary brings into perspective the greatest mystery of our time — the UFO. Mysterious happenings have been occurring all through recorded history, but have greatly accelerated in the last 50 years: Our fastest jets are paced and passed by these enigmatic craft; They have been sighted and photographed by over 25 astronauts; Satellites have mysteriously disappeared from orbit; Bizarre mutilations of livestock have puzzled researchers; A pond is found frozen during warm weather after a UFO is sighted over it; Abductions and examinations of ordinary people going about their business have taken place. All authoritative sources in academia and science are silent. The government is closemouthed. Airline pilot's jobs are threatened if they publicly report what they have seen. From what world or etheric dimension do these enigmatic craft emerge? What new forms of knowledge do they portend? What realities lie beyond our present human knowledge? Who are the Overlords of the UFO? This movie, first released in 1976, is still excitingly important today as it contains many keys to the mystery."


  • George Brook Stanford, credited with Production on the documentary, was a director, producer, reporter, and anchor at KOMO-TV Seattle, and appears briefly in the documentary itself, interviewing Joe Harold, the flight control center chief (; and John T. Kline, credited with Production Coordination, was also at KOMO-TV, as an assignment editor and news director, before moving on to KATU-TV Portland.

VHS (1989)

"Here is a fascinating investigation of the incredible UFO appearances which for years have baffled the scientists of the world. There are more authenticated pictures of Unidentified Flying Objects shown here than have ever been shown before and many were taken by the United States Military. A visit to the U.S. Air Force Academy reveals what the officer-cadets are taught in the course of instruction on Space Science about the reality of the alien intelligences behind the UFOs. Also, NASA's experiences with the UFO are examined. Actual photographs are shown of a UFO which hovered for days over the Boeing space laboratory in Seattle. The exact configuration of the space-craft was clearly visible. Investigations into many UFO kidnappings reveals the testimony from a group of young men in Arizona. One of these men was 'zapped' by a blue ray of light that rendered him helpless for several hours. Plus, world famous Israeli psychic Uri Geller, relates his UFO experiences. The target of the many landings seems to be the people and the animals of earth. Yet while man is spending millions of dollars trying to find extra-terrestrial life, evidence indicates that it has already found us."