Oscar von Holtzschuherr

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Oscar von Holtzschuherr
Alias(es) Otto von Holtzschuherr
Born 1850[i]
Jassy (Iași), Principality of Moldavia
Died 1933 (aged 82–83)
Washington, D.C.
Nationality American (imm. c. 1867)
Ethnicity German
Affiliations Royal Arch Mason
Spouse(s) Mary J. [Hodge] Von Holtzschuherr (m. 1892)

Oscar (Otto) von Holtzschuherr[ii] was a druggist in Ottumwa, Iowa of claimed royal descent, described as having the title of Count, who was reported to have invented a perpetual motion machine in 1896, inspired by the work of an unnamed woodcutter who lived behind his home.

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  1. His marriage certificate of 15 March 1892 gives an age of 42; U. S. Military Service record of 1894 gives an age of 43; U.S. Census of 1930, dated 5 April, gives an age of 81; while Iowa State Censuses in 1895, 1905, 1915 give his ages as 42, 53, 63.
  2. Most reports gave his name as Otto rather than Oscar, while some reports gave his surname as Holtschuherr and Holtzshuerr.