Order of Alaskan Moose

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Order of Alaskan Moose

San Francisco Call feature on the order, July 29, 1900.

Formation 21 December 1899
Purpose/focus Mutual protection and benefit society
Headquarters Valdez, Alaska
Ruling Spirit Joseph A. Bourke
Key people F. W. Rosenthal, G. W. Brandenbury, A. W. Vansant, Jake Stead, H. B. Pearson

The Order of Alaskan Moose (or Alaska Moose) was an American fraternal society, organised by Joseph A. Bourke, F. W. Rosenthal, H. B. Pearson, and others at Valdez, Alaska in December 1899.


The order was organised into local Tents, whose membership were referred to as "Fellow Prospectors," each Tent being presided over by the High Spirit of the Glacier [or Ruling Spirit] (executive) and his officers, the Tenas Chief, the Keeper of the Wa-Wa (secretary), the Steward, the Hiyu Cumtux, Guard of the Canyon (doorkeeper), etc. Their ritual was "designed to show the hardships attendant on the life of the Alaska prospector and the pressing need of mutual good faith."[1]




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