Arctic Brotherhood

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Arctic Brotherhood

Icon of the Arctic Brotherhood

Motto "No Boundary Line Here"
Formation 26 February 1899
Purpose/focus Originally formed as a mutual protection and benefit society
Founders J. Harmon Kaskey; J. Weston Coyne

The Arctic Brotherhood was an American-Canadian fraternal organisation, initially formed on 26 February 1899 as an entertainment troupe by Capt. William A. Connell and passengers of the steamship "City of Seattle," destined for Skagway, Alaska (and, ultimately, the gold fields of the Yukon Klondike), and later re-grouped as a structured order with initiation rituals in the manner of such other societies of that time.


The Brotherhood was organised into local Camps, presided over by the Arctic Chief, and his officers, the Vice Arctic Chief, Chaplain, Recorder, Keeper of Nuggets, Camp Cook, Trail Guide, Trail Blazer, Keeper of Inner Toll-gate, and Keeper of Outer Toll-gate; and these Camps under the jurisdiction of the Grand Camp of the Grand Arctic Chief and his officers.



No. Town State/Prov. Founded Disbanded Notes
1 Skagway AK
2 Bennett BC 1899
3 Atlin AK 1899
4 Dawson Yukon 1899
5 Douglas AK
6 Sitka AK
7 Circle City AK
8 St. Michael AK
9 Nome AK
10 Valdez AK
11 Council AK
12 White Horse Yukon 1901
13 Eagle AK
14 Treadwell AK
15 Rampart AK
16 Fairbanks AK
17 Haines AK
18 Chena AK
19 Discovery AK
20 Ketchikan AK
21 Seward AK
22 Cleary AK 1904
23 Vault City AK
24 Hot Spings AK
25 Ft. Gibbon AK
26 Flat City AK
27 Iditarod AK
28 Wrangell AK
29 Stewart City AK
30 Petersburg AK
31 Chitina AK
32 Juneau AK
First log of the building at the construction site, Arctic Brotherhood Building, Seattle (Washington), 10 November 1908