Le Projet Blue Beam de la NASA (1994 book)

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Le Projet Blue Beam de la NASA
Author Serge Monast
Publisher Presse Libre Nord-Américaine
Location Montréal
Pub. date 1994
Country Canada
Subject NASA Conspiracy

Le Projet Blue Beam de la NASA (English: "Project Blue Beam - NASA") is a book by French Canadian writer Serge Monast, first published in 1994 by Presse Libre Nord-Américaine, in which are outlined claims that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had been engaged in a secret project whose aim was to produce technologies that would enable the false simulation of apocalyptic events such as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as part of a global effort to introduce a new, controlled religion.


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  • Monast, Serge (1994) (in English), Project Blue Beam (NASA), Montréal: Presse Libre Nord-Américaine 
  • Monast, Serge (2021) (in French), Le Projet Blue Beam (de la NASA), ETHOS, 

    Translated publisher description: "The New Age religion is the very foundation of this New World Government, without which the New World Order dictatorship is totally impossible. The "Blue Beam Project" has four different stages, aimed at implementing the religion of a New Era, with the Antichrist at its head: 1. reassessment of all archaeological knowledge (artificial earthquakes, alleged new discoveries, etc.) ; 2. a gigantic Space Show thanks to holograms with three-dimensional optics, sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world (each receiving an image corresponding to the regional predominant religious faith); 3. "electronic two-way telepathic communication" for mind control (aided by propaganda in advertising, television, modern education and various types of social pressure); 4. supernatural manifestations by electronic means (to make humanity believe that a UFO invasion is coming, to propagate abundant high frequency waves on the earth, to place integrated chips on each individual)."