Olombia Commonwealth

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New Columbia United State of the World
 •  President William H. Von Swartwout
Declared nation
 •  Declaration of Independence 24 December 1886
28 September 1890 
USD12230S - Von Swartwout's design patent for a "Columbia's New University Society" emblem.

The Olombia Commonwealth, or New Columbia United State of the World (N.C.U.S.W.), was a declared nation, founded by William H. Von Swartwout in his "The Jubilee Emancipation Proclamation and Declaration of Independence" of 24 December 1886 at London, proclaimed again on 28 September 1890 at New York City. The founding principles of the state were the abolition of money and a turn to organised labour; however, as you might suspect, the Commonwealth received little by way of support, and all claims and titles were effectively suspended following the death of President Von Swartwout.

One of the advocated means of establishing the new commonwealth on a firm footing was a plan to rename the United States of America to the Olombia Commonwealth, thereby effectively dissolving the U.S.A. and absorbing it into Von Swartwout's nation. This would be done by soliciting popular support, having would-be citizens of the Commonwealth voluntarily sign the Olombian declaration of independence.


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