Oliver Lodge

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Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S.
Sir Oliver Lodge - portrait by John Bernard Munns, 1923..jpg

Portrait by John Bernard Munns, 1923.
(Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust, CC0.)

Born 12 June 1851(1851-06-12)
Penkhull, Staffordshire, England, U.K.
Died 22 August 1940 (89)
Lake, Wiltshire, England, U.K.
Alma mater University of London (1875, B.Sc.; 1877, D.Sc.)

Oliver Joseph Lodge (June 12, 1851 - August 22, 1940) was a British physicist who was involved in the early development of radio, particularly his coherer, a radio wave detector, and made contributions to the expansion of Maxwell's aether theories, as well as being further noted for his interest in Spiritualism and psychical research generally.

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