New York Saucer Information Bureau (NYSIB)

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New York Saucer Information Bureau
Abbreviation NYSIB
Formation 1 January 1958
Purpose/focus Ufology
Headquarters New York City, New York
Founder Douglas Deane
Main organ UFO-Mation

The New York Saucer Information Bureau was a New York-based ufology organisation, founded by Douglas Deane in January 1958, with the directorship falling to Bruce M. Dolen just under a year later. The bureau published a newsletter called UFO-Mation beginning in 1958 under Deane's editorship; this was, as part of the executive shuffling, relaunched in 1959 as a quarterly publication under the new editorial direction of John Hay and Constance Lois Jessop.

Of interest, Ivan T. Sanderson reported to the FBI in May 1958 that members of the NYSIB were engaged in subversive activity, and that public meetings of the group involved "requests for the people to write their Congressmen to stop nuclear war, to tear down [American] national defense, and to stop the secrecy in the Government."[1] This may partly explain the subsequent re-organisation of the group's leadership and editorial board.



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