John Hay

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John Hay
Workplace(s) U.S. Banknote Corporation (Vice-President of Special Research)
Affiliations New York Saucer Information Bureau (NYSIB)
Spouse(s) Marjorie Grace [Oborne] Hay (1910-1980)

Selected Bibliography

  • Triton (pseud.) (1962), Hay, John; Hay, Marjorie G., eds., The Magic of Space, Larchmont, NY: Triad Publishing Co.  — per the dust jacket: "Triton is a pen name used by a Tibetan Dakini. The book was written in five weeks, using telepathy as the medium of communication. It has taken over a year to mechanically reproduce the script. The Magic of Space covers such subjects as 'Flying Saucers,' Ufos, Angels, Demons, and other occult subjects. The supernatural is only the unknown sciences. The Magic of Space contains facts about the secrecy and suppression of such subjects as Religion, Psychiatry, Physics, and outer and inner space."

Hay was also the editor of the New York Saucer Information Bureau (NYSIB)'s UFO-Mation newsletter.