New York College of Magnetics

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New York College of Magnetics
Motto "Vis e coelo terraque"
("The force of heaven and earth")
Formation 1883
chartered 1887
Dissolution 1893
Successor College of Fine Forces
Purpose/focus Chromotherapy
Magnetic Healing
Headquarters New York City
Dean Edwin D. Babbitt
President F. G. Welch

The New York College of Magnetics and Institute of Refined Therapeutics was a private and correspondence school based in New York City, organised by Edwin D. Babbitt in 1883 and chartered January 28, 1887 by the state of New York,[1] which made an offering of study courses in "chromopathy, mind cure, patho-mechanism, magnetic massage, and solar magnetics."[2]

From their copy: "This institute inculcates a higher science of life and force, including Chromopathy or cure by light and color, magnetics, mental science and other refined methods of nature, together with the explanation of basic principles. [...] The diploma confers the degree of D. M., Doctor of Magnetics. Students can take the course at their homes. The time required for the course is usually from two to five months."[1]

The charter for the college was revoked on February 9, 1893,[3] and was closed soon thereafter, to be superseded by the College of Fine Forces.


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