College of Fine Forces

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College of Fine Forces
College of Fine Forces

Formation 1893
Predecessor New York College of Magnetics
Successor Institute of Higher Sciences
Purpose/focus Chromotherapy, Magnetic Healing
Headquarters East Orange, NJ (1893-6)
Los Angeles, CA (1897-1901)
San Jose, CA (1901~3)
Dean Edwin D. Babbitt

The College of Fine Forces was instituted by Edwin D. Babbitt in 1893 at East Orange, New Jersey following the revocation of the charter of his earlier school, the New York College of Magnetics. Like its predecessor, it offered private and correspondence courses in chromopathy, magnetics, and mental sciences, toward a degree of D.M., Doctor of Magnetics; per their copy, "the leading object of th[e] institution is to promulgate a higher science of Therapeutics as revealed by the refined forces of Electricity, Heat, Light, Color, Steam, Ferro-Magnetism, Vital Magnetism, Mind Cure, Massage, Water, etc., as well as to teach the students to use the sun-healing and other instruments now coming before the public as new and marvelous powers for upbuilding the whole being, including mental as well as physical conditions."[1]

The college had relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles by 1897, and again to San Jose in 1901. It was eventually succeeded by Babbitt's Institute of Higher Sciences.

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