Nathan Storms

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Nathan Storms
Born 3 April 1870(1870-04-03)[1]
Died 14 March 1933 (62) [2]
Middletown, Orange Co., New York
Affiliations Knights of Pythias
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Morris (m. 1915)

Nathan Helms Storms[i] (April 3, 1870 - March 14, 1933) was an American carpenter and mechanic who newspapers reported in 1922 had claimed to have "perfected a machine which closely approaches perpetual motion." The Storm machine was described as being able to drive a shaft for up to five years without interruption, requiring no fuel, only oil for lubrication.

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  1. The widely-syndicated report (appearing in the New York Times, the International Petroleum Reporter, &c.) on the invention inaccurately gives his name as Nathan N. Storm.