Myron S. Allen

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Myron S. Allen
Born 14 February 1901(1901-02-14)
Lowell, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Died 8 January 1995 (93)
Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co., Wisconsin
Workplace(s) Long Beach City College

Myron Shepard Allen (February 14, 1901 - January 8, 1995) was an American physicist and college instructor who lectured and wrote about what he referred to as Morphological Creativity, defined, per the preface to his 1962 book of the same title, as "a process for creating new ideas by analyzing the form and structure of existing ones and changing the relationships of their components."

Selected Bibliography

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    Contents. What Morphological Creativity Can Do for You; 1. How to Have a Life Worthwhile; 2. How to Get a Million Ideas; 3. How to Control Ideas; 4. How to Think Creatively; 5. How to Be Creative; 6. How to Get Along with Anybody; 7. How to Help Others to Be Creative; 8. How to Make Good Decisions; 9. How to Solve Problems; 10. How to Be a Creative Supervisor.

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