Mrs. M.G. Brown's Metaphysical Discovery

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Mrs. M. G. Brown's Metaphysical Discovery
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Medical Claims Curative and preventative for "deafness, noises in the head, discharges from the ear, consumption, catarrh, blindness, baldness, rheumatism, diseases of children in every form" (among others)
Creator(s) M. G. Brown
Vendors Metaphysical University

Mrs. M.G. Brown's Metaphysical Discovery was the trade name of a selection of remedies, including Poor Richard's Eye Water, Ear Preparation, and Unequaled Scalp Renovator, that promised to effect cures for a variety of ailments on the basis of that moisture deficiency was the cause of most disease. (That is to say, it was a line of bottled waters, possessing no medicinal content, that was to be poured into the eyes, ears, and over the head.)

The "Metaphysical Discovery" itself, supported by reference to Scripture, was that the human body is analogous to the Earth, and "the three-fold states of moisture" - Dew-Drops, Rain, and Frost/Snow - when applied to the appropriate of "the three appointed channels to convey moisture to the body" - Dew to Eyes, Rain to Ears, and Frost to Scalp - will stir the life forces of the body to prevent and cure disease, just as water regulates nature through the seasonal cycles.