Millen Cooke

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Millen Cooke
Born 17 March 1915(1915-03-17)
Dilley, Oregon
Died 21 May 1995 (80)
Mill Park, Victoria, Australia
Occupation(s) Author
Affiliations Borderland Sciences (BSRA)
Known for "Son of the Sun"
Spouse(s) John Starr Cooke (m. 1943-1951); William Burke Belknap, Jr.; William Francis Brinsley Le Poer Trench (m. 1961-1969)

Millen Cooke (March 17, 1915 - May 21, 1995), born Wilma Dorothy Millen Vermilyea, also known under a variety of authorial pseudonyms, including Alexander Blade (a pen-name shared among several Amazing Stories contributors), was an American author, occultist, and saucerian.