M. Clarissa Christeen

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M. Clarissa Christeen
Born Clara Little
8 May 1870(1870-05-08)
Died 24 November 1961 (91)
Los Angeles, California [1]
Nationality American
Alma mater D.D.A.T.O.M. (Doctor of Divinity, After the Order of Melchizedek)
Field(s) Music
Affiliations After the Order of Melchizedek

M. Clarissa Christeen (May 8, 1870 - November 24, 1961) was an American occultist, Bishop and Founder[2] of one of the orders of Melchizedek,[3][4] and music teacher.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Christeen, M. Clarissa (1921). Melchizedek Song Book: Containing 29 Songs and Three Instrumental Numbers, Texts Scriptural, Music by Madame C. Christeen. Los Angeles. 
  • Christeen, M. Clarissa (1925). The Universal Color Keyboard for Body Building. Los Angeles. 



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