After the Order of Melchizedek

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After the Order of Melchizedek
Formation 1921
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
President George Hargraves MacNeil
Vice-President E. E. Haring
Sec. Treasurer M. Clarissa Christeen
Key people Henrietta J. Hotchkin, Llewellyn George, George W. Carey, Emma M. Brier, Martha C. Price, Mabel L. Patterson, William G. Hooper[1]

After the Order of Melchizedek (A.T.O.M.) was an occult order of ostensible Melchizedekian nature, incorporated by M. Clarissa Christeen, George Hargraves MacNeil, and E. E. Haring at Los Angeles, California in 1921, with early membership featuring Llewellyn George and George W. Carey.


  1. "A.T.O.M. After the Order of Melchizedek (Incorporating)", Astrological Bulletina (Los Angeles, Calif.) 13 (150): 71, 1921-01-10,, retrieved 2016-05-18, "617 Exchange Building, Third and Hill Streets, Phone 11050, Los Angeles, California; Officers— Dr. Geo. Hargraves MacNeil, President; Rev. E. E. Haring, Vice-Pres.; Madame Christeen, Chairman Executive Committee; Mrs. Henrietta J. Hotchkin, Chairman Finance Committee. Directors— Llewellyn George, Astrology; Dr. Geo. W. Carey, Re-generation; Mrs. Emma M. Brier, Hostess; Mrs. Martha C. Price, Reader; Mabel L. Patterson, Art; Mrs. Trew, Color Music. W. G. Hooper, London Representative."