Ludovico Spoletano

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Ludovico Spoletano (Ludouici Spoletani) was, according to Teseo Ambrogio degli Albonesi's Introductio in Chaldaicam linguam, Syriacam, atque Armenicam, & decem alias linguas (1539), a conjurer who summoned the Devil and adjured him to write an answer to the question of whether Antonio Maria's dinari had been found in their entirety by Cavaliero Marchantonio, the son of a rich woman from Piacenza (and, if not, where the remainder was situated); the answer, whatever it might have been, was presented only as unknown script that remained undeciphered.

The Devil's Cipher

Spoletano Cipher - Occult Review (8.4, p. 194) - 1908-10.jpg

from Albonesi's Letter to Guillaume Postel