Lucilla Rebecca Hedley

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Lucilla Rebecca Hedley
Born 16 April 1852(1852-04-16)
Medina, Orleans Co., New York
Died 12 November 1898 (46)
Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania
Religion Quaker (Society of Friends)
Alma mater Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (M.D., 1883)

Lucilla Rebecca Hedley Quatman (April 16, 1852 - November 12, 1898) was an American physician interested in a peculiar type of phrenology wherein the shape of the subject's skull is examined in comparison with that of such creature as the leopard, bear, and lion in order to ascertain if and where they have the "mark of the beast" (as from the Book of Daniel), this denoting innate evil and criminal tendencies.

Selected Bibliography

  • Hedley, Lucilla Rebecca (1887), The Mark of the Beast Revealed by the Shape of the Head, Philadelphia, 

    The design of this little book is to enable any and every one to tell the good from the evil; that none may be deceived by “wolves in sheep’s clothing”; that it will not be necessary to know the reputation, the standing in life of any one, to discern whether they “bring forth good or corrupt fruit.”

    Details will not be gone into — only great principles dwelt upon, so that all can grasp them and be able to tell the mark of the beast — for it is the mark of a man — and so judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” St. John 7:24.

    For, said Christ, “Judge not (according to appearance) that ye be not judged” (according to appearance); but His direct command was to “judge righteous judgment.”