Leo Sprinkle

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Leo Sprinkle
Born 31 August 1930(1930-08-31)
Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colorado
Died 15 November 2021 (91) [1]
Laramie, Albany Co., Wyoming

Ronald Leo Sprinkle (August 31, 1930 - November 15, 2021) was an American psychologist interested in ufology and parapsychology, and particularly was involved in the use of hypnosis for recovering memories of abductees, including Carl Higdon, as well as for past life regression.


  • R. Leo Sprinkle papers, 1961-2017, — "This collection contains the personal and professional correspondence of Leo Sprinkle as well as articles and manuscripts by other authors, an extensive collection of paranormal-related newsletters, Sprinkle's own published papers, and his original research. Most materials are about UFOs and the psychology of UFO contactees. Other subjects include conventional psychology, paranormal activity, multiple personality disorder, parapsychology, reincarnation, and near-death experiences. All collection dates are approximate."