L. E. Stanhope

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L. E. Stanhope
Leonard Erastus Stanhope - portrait.jpg

As pictured in the "Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri" (1901)

Born 31 December 1860(1860-12-31) [1][2]
Macon County, Missouri
Died 27 April 1941 (80)[3]
Liberty, Missouri
Nationality American
Alma mater Homœopathic Medical College of Missouri, M.D. (1887);
Ph. G. (1890)
Kansas City College of Dental Surgery, D.D.S. (1896)[1]
Field(s) Medicine
Spouse(s) Eliza Jane Pearson (1881-)[4]

Leonard Erastus Stanhope (December 31, 1860 - April 27, 1941) was an American physician, surgeon, dentist, and magnetic healer.


By his own accounting, Stanhope spent some years as a railroad labourer, working the yards in an effort to scratch together the funds required to fulfill his dream of earning a medical degree from the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri at St. Louis, even going so far as to mortgage his home. After a few fits and starts, including a brief return to the railyard, he accomplished this in March 1887, and set to work in the medical trade, eventually expanding his operations to include pharmacy (1890) and dentistry (1896).[2]

It was at this point in his career that Dr. Stanhope was inspired - likely by the success of the area Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics - to the study of Magnetic Healing, finding himself a natural fit for the practice, having "possessed extraordinary powers in this direction" since childhood.[2] So it was that, in 1897, Dr. Stanhope determined to open a sanitarium, leasing a mansion at the corner of Elm and Cherry for his purpose: and thus was the Stanhope Sanitarium and School of Magnetic Healing born.[2][5]

There was great early success for Stanhope and his fellow students of the Science of Magnetic Healing, for a time; but it was not to last, as he and his fellow practitioners reportedly aroused the condemnation of local Christian ministers, who affected boycotts and caused a sharp decline in area practices.[6]

Stanhope continued to reside in Nevada, Missouri until late in his life,[7] when he came into the care of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Home Hospital in Liberty, Missouri,[8] where he passed away on April 24, 1941.[3]

1899 newspaper advert for Dr. Stanhope's Sanitarium and School of Magnetic Healing.

"A Blessing To Those Who Are Afflicted"

"Magnetic healing is classified into three subjects: hypnotism, vital magnetism, and mental science."

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