László Miskolci

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László Miskolci
Born 22 October 1988(1988-10-22)
Budapest, Hungary
Nationality Hungarian
Noted work(s) Magyar UFO Akták

László Miskolci ( October 22, 1988-) is a Hungarian writer, saucerian and ufologist who published the Hungarian Defence Forces UFO files. It was László who met and gained experience with many hungarian contactee. He believes that all the UFO hypotheses may be correct, because there is no one solution to the phenomena we are experiencing, but he one of the promoters of the Interdimensional hypothesis.


László has been interested in UFOs since childhood and when he was eight years old he saw a flying saucer. In high school he studied to become a structural engineer, and it was then that he read Erich von Daniken's book on ancient architectures and the ancient astronauts hypotheses, which had a great impact on him. After school he worked for an alternative theory bookshop and publishing house.

U.F.O. Research

Since 2012, László has written more than a hundred articles for the popular Ufómagazin and Hihetetlen! magazine. He has lectured on several topics at the Hungarian UFO Congress and was invited to the Finnish International UFO Seminar in 2021. In Hungary, he published for the first time the classified UFO files, which he obtained from the Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security and the Hungarian Defence Forces Military Historical Archives. In 2020 he published his book Hungarian UFO Files (Magyar UFO Akták), which contains the files and the complete Hungarian UFO history.

Contactees & experiences

His basic approach to researching UFOs was materialistic, but after visiting many contactee people he changed his mind. Working with them, he had experiences such as synchronicity, astral travel, energy perception and spontaneous telepathy. He then came to the conclusion that many extraterrestrial experiences were rather from other dimensions.

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