Knowles Radio Hypnotic Crystal

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As pictured in Prof. Elmer E. Knowles' Complete System of Personal Influence and Healing (1899)

The Knowles Radio Hypnotic Crystal is a glass bulb containing a quantity of sand, attached to a handle or fixed inside an aluminum holder, which is intended for use in hypnotic therapy as an attention focus,[1] and, specifically, for "the production of Fascination, Healing, self treatment by auto-suggestion, the cure of bad habits, treatment at a distance, anesthesia, physiognomy, phrenology, graphology, and cheiromancy."[2] It was originally marketed by Elmer Ellsworth Knowles (a.k.a. Elmer S. Prather) and his National Institute of Sciences as a training tool to be used in accompaniment with his courses in hypnotism, magnetic healing, and like studies.



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