Knights' Review (newsletter)

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Knights' Review
Editor Charles J. Weatherby (1892); Col. Robert Emmet Slater (1896-1906); Henry Pounds Karch (1906-)
Frequency monthly
Circulation 4500 (in 1897); 12300 (in 1908);[1] 7500 (in 1912)[2]
Publisher Supreme Senate (K.A.E.O.)
First issue 1892/1895
Country United States
Language English

Knights' Review was an American fraternal magazine, published monthly by the Supreme Senate of the Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order at Cincinnati, Ohio, which was dedicated to the interests of the order. Originally, it was published by Charles J. Weatherby himself at Salt Lake City in 1892;[3] it would later be re-established by Supreme Senator George Henry Simmons in February 1895,[4] with the editorial mantle passing soon thereafter to Robert Emmet Slater (1896-1906), and later Henry Pounds Karch (from 1906).


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