K. Leo Minges

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K. Leo Minges
K. Leo Minges - portrait (c. 1906).jpg

As depicted in Cartilage Co. advertising, c. 1906

Born 27 August 1880(1880-08-27)
New York
Died 21 November 1946 (66)
Los Angeles, California

Kilion Leo Minges (August 27, 1880 - November 21, 1946) was an American salesman and inventor of the "Cartilage Treatment" for increasing height that was sold internationally for a decade through his Rochester, New York-based Cartilage Company before being shuttered following U.S. government fraud suits.

Selected Publications

  • Minges, K. Leo (1904), The Secrets of How to Grow Tall: A Scientific Treatise on the Cartilage Treatment, Rochester, N.Y.: The Cartilage Co. 

Selected Patents

  • US762832, Physical Development Apparatus. 14 Jun. 1904, filed 23 Sep. 1903. "An appliance of this character is especially designed to assist physical exercises for the purpose of increasing the height or promoting growth in a person by acting upon the cartilage of the system by stretching or subjecting the body and limbs of the patient to a tension, and while I have illustrated the present embodiment as applied to such a purpose and including certain details in construction to obtain such an end it is to be understood that the same may be applied to the patient to indicate the amount of force exerted thereon by said devices, and means attached to said support for producing a stretching action upon the patients body."