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Joseph Zolman Schaumburger (June 28, 1930 - March 14, 2011), also known by his pen name Walter Delaney, was an American editor and author who was employed by Prentice Hall and its subsidiary Parker Publishing Company in the 1970s.[1]

Selected Bibliography

  • Delaney, Walter (1975), Ultra-Psychonics: How to Work Miracles with the Limitless Power of Psycho-Atomic Energy, West Nyack, N.Y.: Parker Pub. Co. 

    This book shows you how to penetrate into the amazing world of the "psychic atom" and control the mighty Earth Forces that flow through it. With this limitless power at your command, wealth, love and happiness are yours for the asking!


    The first thing this unusual book is going to show you is how to release this mighty power. Step-by-step, in crystal-clear detail, you'll discover the secret of "psycho-atomic energy": what it is, how you can generate it without any equipment except your own mind, how you can control it, and how yu can use it in scores of different ways for such things as:

    • materializing riches seemingly out of thin air!
    • making others follow your lead and obey your commands!
    • defending yourself against psychic and demonic attack!
    • multiplying your brain power by a factor of 1,000!
    • developing a razor-sharp, mirror perfect memory almost over-night!
    • getting help from invisible messages in the sky!
    • finding lost or missing relatives!
    • moving solid objects by the force of your mind alone!

    ... and that's only the beginning!



    1. ULTRA-PSYCHONICS: How to Release the Surging Power of Your "Psychic Atoms"
    2. ULTRA-HYPNOLOGY: How to Make Others Do What You Want
    3. ULTRA-PICTRONICS: How to Materialize the Riches You Desire
    4. ULTRA-MNEMONICS: How to Have a Perfect Memory
    5. ULTRA-GENIOLOGY: How to Multiply Your Brainpower 1,000 Times
    6. ULTRA-EGONICS: How to Have Better Health, More Vitality, and a Longer Life
    7. ULTRA-ASTRONICS: How to Read the Messages in the Sky
    8. ULTRA-DIVINATION: How to Find Hidden Treasures
    9. ULTRA-MAGIC: How to Invoke the Secret Forces of Nature
    10. ULTRA-PROGNOSTICS: How to See Into the Future
    11. ULTRA-NUMEROLOGY: How to Control the Mystic Numbers that Rule Your Life
    12. ULTRA-TELEPATHY: How to Probe the Most Intimate Secrets of Others
    13. ULTRA-KINETICS: How to Manipulate Objects with Your Mind
    14. ULTRA-SOPHOLOGY: How to Find the Way to True Happiness



    MENTAL LASER BEAMS that let you see through solid walls!
    REVERSE MONEY FLOW that brings back your cash faster than you can spend it!
    UNUSUAL VITAMINS and herbs that are reported to perform medical wonders!
    INTERSTITIAL TIME manipulation to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out your hours of pleasure, shorten your hours of work!
    ASTRONIC CHARTS that reveal amazing things about the people you know!
    MASTER NUMBERS that rule your life!
    TIME MACHINES you can build for less than a dollar!



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