Joseph Bampfylde Fuller

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Sir Bampfylde Fuller
Born 20 March 1854(1854-03-20)
Keynsham, Somerset, England, U.K.
Died 29 November 1935 (81)
Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, U.K.
Alma mater Marlborough College

Joseph Bampfylde Fuller (March 20, 1854 - November 29, 1935) was a British civil servant in India during the British Raj, serving in various roles before becoming the Chief Commissioner of Assam (1902-1905) and the first Lieutenant-Governor of Eastern Bengal and Assam (1905-1906) following the partition of Bengal, resigning from the latter role over conflicts with the government and the Bengalese anti-partition movement. Following his retirement, Fuller became a writer on in his time in India and the British civil service, as well as psychology and etheric physics.

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